What happens after I apply?


  • The Leader Applicant Liaison (LAL) will confirm receipt of the application within five days, either via e-mail or postal mail.
  • The application will be reviewed after the application fee and recommendations are received.
  • The LAL will send a series of letters via e-mail addressing the applicant's answers to the application questions. If more information is needed, applicants may be asked to elaborate or answer more specific questions.
  • The LAL will ask applicants to respond to API's Eight Principles of Parenting as well as read and review seven resources.
  • The LAL will discuss with applicants the logistics of support group facilitation and management.
  • Applicants will be asked for their thoughts on bias and showing respect and acceptance to parents.
  • Applicants will practice responding to examples of parent support situations.
  • Applicants will answer questions about API's Leader Manual and other resources on the Leader Community Site.
  • The last step is for applicants to confirm their contact information, pay a prorated leader membership fee, and sign a statement of commitment.
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